Don’t throw away your old vynils.

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Vinyl records have long been considered “old media.” There are a lot of reasons vinyl records moved out of the mainstream in the 90s, from the rise of the CD and digital recording to their easily damageable build. But despite the rise of CDs, MP3s, and digital streaming services, many people have kept their old records, or have even continued to collect them.


However, any record collector knows that damaged records are inevitable. Those who’ve kept their vinyl and have no way to listen to them tend to let the records collect dust in a storage unit or basement. Instead of letting them sit around, why not transform them into cool and useful items? Vinyl records are simple enough to melt and mold, thin for cutting, and lightweight, making them easy to DIY-ify. LSTN is presenting to you out awesome ideas for upcycling old records below.


– Cut around the vinyl part of the record and finish with Mod Podge to make drink coasters.


– Make a hanging mobile to show off your favorite artist’s singles.


– Craft a personalized notebook using an old record and duct tape.


– Make a fun side table with a vinyl record.


– You can pick up a clock mechanism for under 3euro and make a clock out of a record.


– Make ethereal vinyl butterfly wall art.


– Use the sleeves from record cases to make a cool banner.


– Melt records together to make a unique magazine holder.


– Create a unique handbag with old records.


– Melted records make a useful and cool wine holder.


– Different sized records stacked together make a one-of-a-kind dessert stand.


– Putting vinyl in the oven produces cool bowls.


-Transform records into bookends with hot water.


– Make a bangle out of a melted record and an old bauble.

Written by: Zachos

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