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Before Sunrise With Dj Nino

LSTN DJs chill n' classic tunes

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Chill out music before sunrise…

It Reduces Stress

Music has a unique link to our emotions, and research has found that it can be used as an extremely effective stress management tool. Both listening to and making music can alleviate mild and chronic stress.

The sound of rain rattling on a window, a flowing river and other soothing sounds of nature cam have a cathartic effect in our body. It is like we go back to where we came from. It focuses us and liberates us at the same time.

It Reduces A Person’s Perception of Pain

Listening to relaxing music after surgery improves patient recovery. It also makes this critical time a bit more pleasant and less stressful. It’s a remarkable finding, that relaxing music lessens a person’s sensation of pain, produces endorphins, and even strengthens our immune system.

It Helps Us Sleep Better At Night

Turning the environment into the sleep-inducing environment involves peaceful surroundings, slow music etc. Listening to relaxing music through headphones at night helps us sleep better. It helps us release our worries and those exhausting thoughts that often feed anxiety. Sleep better, longer and with fewer disturbances by listening to music at bedtime.

Music Improves Memory

Certain music can trigger particularly unique memories- music from a specific time period will trigger memories from that time period. Music and musical training have also been shown to protect the aging brain and keep it healthy.

Music Helps In Healing

Music connects with the automatic nervous system (brain function, blood pressure and heartbeat) and the limbic system (feelings and emotions). When slow music is played, the bodily reaction follows suit– the heart blow slows down and blood pressure drops. This causes the breath to slow, which helps release tension in the neck, shoulders, stomach and back. Listening to slow or calming music on a regular basis can help our bodies relax, which overtime, means less pain and faster recovery time.

My favorite quote

Chill out relax and have an open mind.

Before Sunrise With Dj Nino crew

Sound Designer

Dj Jean

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    Purple Disco Machine & Sophie and the Giants

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    Cha Cha Cuba

    Matt Bianco

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    Money's Too Hard To Mention


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